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Agility Equipment -

Agility Training Equipment is your best buddy when it comes to training your pet while having a good time with the whole family.

Animal Lover Informations World -

Animals pets site to share stories along with dedications, greetings, and pet information with others that love animals. Find information and pictures and rate the articles submitted by other pet owners or animal lovers.

Aquarium paraphernalia -

Aquaeurousa offers a comprehensive range of aquarium lighting kits, pumps, filters, test kits, heaters, protein skimmers, tanks, chillers aquarium accessories, for beginners as well as the more advanced aquarist.

Aquariums and Fish Tanks Galore -

Stuff about fish tanks, aquariums and fish. Learn about setting up a fish tank and maintaining an established tank, both saltwater and freshwater.

AquaticMagic - online aquarium plant store -

AquaticMagic is a One-Stop Online Shop for all your aquarium needs as a Planted-tank hobbyist. We specialise in offering high quality Aquarium plants and CO2 equipments to our worldwide customer. We have very attractive prices on Java fern, Java moss, CO2 diffusers and other aquatic plants!

Avendales - A Collection of Unique Home and Garden Accents -

Unusual Home, Garden Decor, Conversation Accents, Children & Pets Furnishings.

Bark Control Collars -

Dog Bark Control Collars are effective, humane and safe for controlling unwanted barking.

Bearded Dragon -

Bearded dragon info brings you all the resources for looking after your bearded dragon under one roof, from cage plans, species to vivarium shopping.

Border Collie Training Tips -

Provides useful information on how to take care of your Border Collie and how to train right your dog.

Boxer Dog Training -

Get some great dog training tips at Here you will learn how to get your boxer dog to come to you when called and to heel, sit, fetch, stay and much, much more.

British Bulldog Puppies -

In Nightingale Bullies, you get FRI-registered British bulldog puppies in the pink of health. Your puppy is guaranteed to be from a fabulous pedigree, with a loving temperament. We offer a one-year health warranty.

Bulldog Breed Info Site -

Super all Bulldog breed website. Article searches, information, videos, books, items, and more.There is something for every Bulldog lover on this site.

Buy Sell | Buy and Sell aquarium fish and aquarium equipment on -

Buy Sell | Buy and Sell aquarium fish and aquarium equipment on

Buying A Horse -

Find out everything you need to know about buying a horse.

Canine Cooler -

High quality canine cooler dog beds that can provide a cool spot to lie down to beat the heat. These are not just your ordinary cushioned pet bed. These cool beds are made from soft yet durable materials that will give comfy life to your dog.

Cat Information Service -

Offering quality pictures of cats and the kind of carefully researched and well set out information on cats that surfers are looking for together with other useful services.

Cat Pictures and Videos of Cats -

This cat blog which updated almost every day includes great cat pictures and cat videos. They also have cat contests with real prizes!

Cat Training Possibilities -

Cats may not be trained like a soldier but they are incredibly intelligent animals.

Cat traning blog -

A blog about training cats, advices. tips and tricks.

Cat Videos -

A site dedicated to cats, it has a collection of all the stuff about cats. Cat Breeds, Cat Pictures, Cat Images, Cat Videos, Everything about Cats, Find all the Stuff about Cats on this site. A great collection of images of cats and kitten. Watch Funny Cat Videos.

Chicory Springs Farm Miniature Dairy Goats -

Breeders of Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Lamancha dairy goats. Pet and show quality available.

Cincinnati Dog Training -

Canine Sports and Behavior Center is a dog training facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Clicker Dog Training -

A great resource site for all those who want to get started with clicker dog training. Find all the tips, resources and comments needed to cliker train your dog.

Colorado Pet Resources -

This is a one stop spot for pet information for Colorado pet owners or anyone who wants pet information!

Community Training Dog Tricks -

This website teaches all the necessary skills for you to start training your dog to do tricks. A professional instructional plan combined with video lessons make it easy to learn. Guaranteed to make your dog happier and amaze your friends.

Daily Pet News -

Daily animal and pet news. Unusual stories about animals and pets.

Dillon Dobermans LLC -

Dedicated to breeding Doberman Pinschers. Good Genetics - Good Homes - Champion Dogs One to two litters per year

DIY 3d Background Aquarium -

Complete A to Z aquarium resource site featuring DIY 3d background aquarium information and how-to's, photos and videos, massive inventory of Ebay and Amazon aquarium products, detailed link directory plus free aquarium screensavers & useless trivia.

Dog Advice -

Need advice or help for your dog? Here you can get some of the best answers available.

Dog Bed - Pet Bed -

Find quality dog bed resources and stores that are highly recommended. Explore the best in dog supplies and much more at dog bed directory.

Dog breed HQ -

Information on different dogs breeds and other dog related topics.

Dog Breeds Training Tips -

DogTrainingGuy teaches you about your dog's breed, as well as tips on how to make training sessions more relevant and enjoyable. Members are encouraged to submit their tips in the online forum

Dog Breeds, Behavior, Training, Health and More -

Your source of information about dogs. Learn about dog behavior issues, common dog health issues, training tips, and more. If it is canine related, you will find it here!

Dog Day Care and Boarding -

Dog boarding and doggie day care aren't something you should consider lightly for your pet. While there are plenty of respectable, boarding kennels available, there are also some that won’t give your dog the care he deserves.

Dog Dog Obedience Training -

Dog training tips, reviews and Advice. Be sure and sign up for our free dog training tips to receive a new tip every week.

Dog Health -

Dogs - man's best friend, a faithful companion and ally since prehistoric times. This wonderful animal will be discussed here extensively, how to take care of your dog health, updates, stories, and so much more.

Dog Obedience Training -

Dog Obedience training will improve your dog's behavioral problems immediately and open up a line of communication with you and your canine.

Dog Ownership Tips -

News and information including dog stories in the news. Tips and helpful hints for everyone from new puppy parents to longtime dog owners. Dog Topics covers dog traveling ideas, pet insurance, dogs and children, grooming, training and much more.

Dog Service Network -

Dog Service Network is a one stop resource for all dog enthusiasts. We provide an online directory of dog services such as: boarders, daycares, groomers, rescues, sitters, trainers, walkers, waste cleanup and more.

Dog Service Network - Online Dog Service Directory -

Dog Service Network is a one stop resource for all dog enthusiasts. We provide an online directory of dog services such as: boarders, daycares, groomers, rescues, sitters, trainers, walkers, waste cleanup and more.

Dog Steps & Dog Ramps -

Dog steps and dog ramps provide amazing freedoms for your pet and prevent injuries.

Dog Training Collars -

Information on the various kinds of dog training collars and their advantages and disadvantages.

Dog training techniques -

Dog training techniques, methods and dog training approaches are most effective.

Dog Training Book -

Fix your dog's obedience or behavioral issues quickly and easily with these top training secrets that will transform your dog's behavior right before your eyes.

Dog Training Help -

Learn how to train over fifty different breeds of dogs with our expert articles.

Dog Training Master -

Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks? Visit our site for the latest updates about training dogs. Dog Training Master is updated everyday with new information.

Dog Training Styles -

Contrary to popular belief, there are not as many training styles as there are trainers. Despite individual differences, people handling dogs fall into clearly recognizable categories. And no matter your individual style or that of your dog, there remain certain truisms.

Dog Urinary Infection -

Dog Urinary Infections are very uncomfortable for your pets. They are just uncomfortable for dogs as they are for humans. Use this resource to find the best way to cure your pets problem.

Everything You Need To Know To Care For Your pet Dogs,Cats,Birds,Fish,Rabbits,Turtles, and Much Much -

A Healthy Pet Makes For A Happy Pet, And--It Goes Without Saying--A Healthy And Happy Pet Makes For A Happy Pet Owner. Welcome To This Site Is A Free Information Resource That Will Answer All Your Questions About Animal Care And Health. As You Explore This Site, You'll Discover...

Flea Treatment -

Flea's are annoying at best. They cause your pets distress, and can be hard to remove. is a site setup to help you discover new flea treatment methods that you may not have heard of.

Forum For Horse Lovers -

Welcome to World Horse Forum. This is the equine network to find horse events in your area and around the world. Find items for sale in our classifieds or network with other equine lovers.

Freedom -

An online community for Reptile and Exotic Pet Keepers. Forums, Blogs, Monthly Photo Contests, an Arcade with over 200 games and more. Social networking including the ability to upload photos and create albums.

German Shepherd Breeder, British Columbia Canada, Woodside Kennels -

German Shepherd dogs in British Columbia Canada. North America's leading breeder of top winning German Shepherds since 1981. Over 170 Canadian and American Champion titled dogs. Puppies and adults available

German Shepherd Obedience Training -

Put an end to the stress and annoyance of your dog behavior problems. Slash your dog obedience training time in half by using techniques that give you immediate results.

Get All The Dog Training Advice you need -

If you need your dog trained, you need to consider a lot of different things, This website provides all the information you need to know about how to train your dog

Great Pet Tips -

All About Your Pets - From Cats To Dogs and Birds We Have The Information Your Looking For...

Guide To Exotic Pets -

Your guide to all kinds of exotic pets: birds, cats, spitting cockroaches, lizards, dogs, wolf hybrids, turtles etc.

Haustiere Katzen -

Haustiere Portal finden informatione von Haustiere. Das best Haustiere portal with komplete haustieren information about caring, buying, selling und more.

Homemade Gourmet Dog Treats -

2 free ebooks and e-newsletter for dog lovers. Stop feeding your dog processed foods and snacks from the grocery store and learn how to make dog treats in your own kitchen. Ebook contains delicious and healthy treats your dog will love and appreciate.

Horse Comedy -

There are funny things that horses do, share your stories on something silly your horse has done with others who understand these creatures.

Horse Riding Tips and Tack. -

Pony and horse riding tips and supply. Get horse training advice and pictures. See a continously updated selection of saddles and browbands.

Horse Training -

If you buy a foal or a horse that is green broke, you will need to be prepared to train your horse. After all, a badly trained horse is not just unenjoyable. A horse is a big animal and can be downright dangerous if he is not properly trained.

Horse Travel Blog -

Find Horse Travel destinations around the world. Stay at a ranch with trails right outside your window. Discover the many locations where you can ride horses while on vacation.

Horsemanship Journal -

Horsemanship Journal is the online community for women who love horses. Post your own journals, and upload photos. Come meet new friends.

Horses In The News -

Horses in the news information. Find out the latest news headlines about horses, stay updated with our latest horse news.

How to Teach a Parrot to Talk -

Struggling to convince your pet parrot to talk? Look no further, find your answers here, a wealth of information about how to interact with your new found friend. Don't let these difficult times ruin the good times ahead. - Pet Loss Support Forum -

Pet loss support community by - Talk to others who understand how you feel about losing a beloved pet. Topics include pet grief, pet loss healing, online pet memorials, rainbow bridge and pet loss discussions.

Japanese Cat Information Site -

This is a Japanese site providing information about cats. Resources on how to raise and train cats is provided. The site contains Japanese and English articles about cats, on a variety of topics.


Great articles about dogs and everything else about our four legged friends you would like to get your paws on.

Keep Chickens -

Information on how to keep chickens, chicken sheds and a family's online record of chicken keeping in their back garden. If you're thinking about keeping chickens, or wondering what's it like to be a backyard hen keeper, read on.

Koi Fish -

Building a Koi Fish Pond doesn't have to be overwhelming or complicated once you have the correct pond construction information at your fingertips!

kyhorsesupply -

We specialize in quality horse and rider products such as stylish western saddles, breyer horses and a large stock of horse supplements.

Labrador and Golden Retriever Training on DVD -

Thirty years retriever training experience condensed onto 2 DVDs/workbooks/CDs with packs of training tips and articles. Training program covers basic obedience through advanced field and water retrieves. Step-by-step lessons for hunters and non-hunters.

Local Dog Services -

Dog Service Network is a one stop resource for all dog enthusiasts. We provide an online directory of dog services such as: boarders, daycares, groomers, rescues, sitters, trainers, walkers, waste cleanup and more.

Maine Coon Cats -

Maine Coon cat information, breeder directory, photo gallery, merchandise, and articles. Chat with other Maine Coon owners and breeders in the forums, or browse for Maine Coon merchandise and gifts.

Malaysia Marine and Saltwater aquarium fish portal and directory -

Malaysia’s leading marine and saltwater aquarium fish lovers portal with active community

Maltese and Havanese puppies for sale - SouthernSilks AKC -

Beautiful, quality, well socialized healthy Havanese and Maltese Puppies. Vet checked, AKC Champion bloodlines, Health Guarantee and shipping available. - Social Networking for Dogs -

Join MeetFido, the world's only free information and entertainment community built by dog lovers for dog lovers. Get answers, recommendations and advice. Find local pet businesses. Share photos, stories and videos and make new friends.

Noah's Furry friends -

A regularly updated blog concentrating on pet health.

Nutro Cat Food -

Huge range of Cat Flaps and Dog Flaps as well as Nutro Food, Vetbed, Rotastak hamster housing, Dog Loo and much more.

Online Ezine Featuring Articles on Cats -

Online ezine featuring articles, books, reviews, products, supplies for adoption and care of cats in each issue.

Online Memorials for Your Pets -

Immortal Pets offers beautiful online pet memorials with pictures, tributes, candles and music. Having a place to visit your pet any time of the day or night helps ease your loss and keeps precious memories alive forever.

Optimum Aquarium Supplies -

Hamilton Technologies is the best site to buy optimum aquarium supplies at the least expensive range possible. This site also offers exclusive prices and products in aquarium lighting.

Perhaps a Parrot -

This is an informational site about the world of companion parrots. Descriptions of Macaws, african grays, conures, amazons, quakers and many more. Training parrots is also very important so there is a section devoted to that. Housing parrots is also important along with where to purchase parrot supplies.

Pet Care Care Sheets and Tips -

Quality information on pet care for a variety of species including ferrets, turtles, rats, lizards, mice, snakes and many more. Easy to follow care sheets provided, with simple site navigation.

Pet Care Gt -

Includes pet care tips and information on a wide variety of topics. Find pet care articles on dogs, cats, birds, fish, aquariums, horse, rabbits, axolotls, canary, budgerigar, hamster, and turtle.

Pet Health -

Pet and equestrian supplies, buy pet health equipment online.

Pet Heaven Express - Memorial Products -

Offers pet memorial products: various sizes pet caskets for dogs, cats, and other pets, matching in size casket liners, weather proof memorial markers with urn, and pet memorial keepsakes.

Pet Loss Angel -

For grieving pet owners; to provide a safe haven of understanding, support and resources to help them through the grieving process.

Pet name tags -

Check out our exclusive sellection of Pet ID Tags, Collection with our traditional dog, cat and other animal id tags, We have a wide range of ID tags from stainless steel, brass to silver dog tags.

Pet Sitters in the UK -

Nina's Nannies for Pets was established in Hertfordshire during 1998, to provide a complete pet care package to suit our clients needs. We are now situated in South Bedfordshire and are family owned and run by Nina and Douglas Cole.

Pet Supplies Tips -

Offers insightful information about pet supplies that includes pet treatments, pet prescriptions, solar bird baths, heated pet beds, heartworm medicine and many additional tips to help care for your beloved pets.

pet website directory - is a complete pet information portal containing useful pet related sites. You can submit your pet related website, directory on our site.

Pet World Search -

A free search engine for pet lovers. Find products, ebooks, forums, videos, photos, communities and anything else about pets and animals! Try us out!

Peticure Pet Nail Pedicure Tool -

Peticure, the original as seen on T.V., is a pet nail grooming tool. Offers a painless, easy, and humane way to care for pet's nails.

Pets Insurance -

Pets insurance indemnifies your damages for pets and provides you with flexibility. It offers different insurance programs on pets eventualities. Pets Insurance specializes in pet insurance for domestic pets and helps the owners with the cost of veterinary care.

Pets Supplies,Pet Info Wiki, pet Tribes, zoo, pet page, pet news, birds,pet encylopedia - all the cool pet news you can find, for pet supplies, pet tribes, not zoo animals, but pets. Make your own pet page. Really smart? pet info wiki, our forums or add sites to the EncycloPETdia™. Don’t forget to check out our cool contests.

pferdeundco - - Online inforportale for Pferde Spiele und Pferdeverkauf ins Deutschland.

Protection Dog -

Discussion forum focused on dog training for personal protection.

Puggle Hugs -

A informational based website on puggles and the puggles breed. This website promotes the Puggle Hugs mini e-book.

Punk Rock Dogg -

Punk Rock Dogg is your online source for cool dog accessories such as our selection of unique dog collars and plush dog toys plus fashion tote bags that you will love. -

A community-oriented cat care website with information on cat behaviour, health and wellbeing and guides on how to interpret your cat's actions.

Raising Quail, can be a wonderful experience. -

Raising quail can be fun with the proper knowledge required. This site contains articles on incubation, brooding and different species of quail. You can also join the raising quail forum to learn from other's experience.

Reptiles and Green Iguanas for sale no min. orders -

We at IguanasUSA have Reptiles and Green Iguanas for min. orders to the public.All prices include shipping.We hand pick all of the reptiles so you get a healthy feeding Reptile or Iguana ect.

Shiba Inu Japanese Dogs -

Finally - a complete guide to raising a happy, healthy Shiba Inu that will provide you with great joy & many lasting memories.

Shih Tzu Dog Care and Nutritional Information -

Learn how to buy, care and feed a Shih Tzu dog. Articles are provided that you can learn and discover the important information you need to properly take care of a Shih Tzu dog. Nutrition is critical for a Shih Tzu Dog and you can find this information on the home page.

Sleeping Like A Dog, Designer Dog Beds & Pyjamas -

Great dog beds online for the discerning dog. From dog hammocks, wrought iron beds and four poster dog beds through to stylish cushions and pooch pyjamas.

St Louis Dog Fence Electronic Underground -

This site has basic information about dog fence, underground containment pet fence systems. We sell Invisible pet systems and service invisible fence dog batteries. We train your dog or cat the low stress training method.

Teacup Puppy blog -

Do you want to learn all about the adorable creatures called teacup puppy?

The Dog Owners Manual -

Essential guide for dog owners which has information on health, training, breeding, grooming, and much more.

The Exotic Birds -

Exotic Pet Birds - An informative site about different Exotic birds, which can be tamed and kept as pets and helps you find a friend for life!

The Hunting Dog -

An informative website about dogs, especially the versatile hunting dog breeds. This online resource is the place to go for your dog-related questions. With focus, instinct and clever ways, these dogs are a key member of the hunting team and devoted family pet.

The Siamese Cat -

This site provides information and advice to help you take good care of your Siamese cat. The Siamese cat with its distinct color point patterns is one of the most popular breeds of domesticated cats in the world.

Train Parrot -

Learn how to train parrot and how to deal with the most common problems such as screaming, biting, and feather chewing.

treatments for animals -

Pet Sun Chlorella, natures sun-drenched natural food supplement for pets

Trendsetter Dogs -

Dog Service Network is a one stop resource for all dog enthusiasts. We provide an online directory of dog services such as: boarders, daycares, groomers, rescues, sitters, trainers, walkers, waste cleanup and more.

Tullyho Rabbit Breeders and Guinea Pigs -

UK breeders of rabbits and guinea pigs in the somerset area. We have a wide variety of colours and have both bucks and does available. - Your Pet Supply Headquarters! - carries PetSafe, Innotek, SportDOG and other popular brands of shock collars, containment systems, bark control and pet training systems. In addition you will find dog doors, pet beds and more.

Washington Horse Breeders -

Award Winning Summervale farm has colts, fillies, broodmares, mares and geldings for sale. In addition to selling Warmbloods, Dressage and Hunter Jumpers we are one of the Northwest’s leading Horse Breeders.

Worldwide Pet Travel -

World Pet Travel works like a travel agency only for your pets. We make all of the travel arrangements for your pets whether you are moving within the United States or abroad. We work with all animals (exotics included) and have agents worldwide.

ZooToo -

Discover informative pet product reviews, animal services and pet news and videos on All the resources you need for your pet.