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Family Sites

Hip Family Fun -

Discover a web site of magical party ideas, reunion planning information, rich family vacations and more.

Marriage, luck, life, success -

The key to a healthy marriage is true knowledge of the evil eye. Inside you will learn how much the evil eye actually plays a role in a marriage ....

Our Family History -

A website set up to present the family history information dug up by my Dad Tony McDonald over the past 10 years of research. By faithfully documenting this information future generations can read, and better understand who their forefathers and mothers were, and what they did in their lives.

Parent Tip to Child Care and Encourage Child Development -

Helpful guides for parents to child care and encourage child's development.

Travel -

We would like you to see with your own eyes, the sun changes its position.You will really like it and enjoy its atmosphere.The best place to live on earth.