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We provide the absolute best Linux CDROM and Linux DVD distributions, as well as other open-source software, including OpenOffice, the OpenCD, Games, UBCD (The Ultimate Boot CD), Security Tools, and much more.

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Secure online Large File Transfer Send and Receive Large Files via Large File Transfer - Free large File Sending

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Discover and Share Ubuntu Linux -

UbuntuPoint is a place for you to discover and share great news about Ubuntu Linux. Thousands of Ubuntu news, tutorials, tips, lessons, tweaks, are updated daily by Ubuntu community.

Joomla Views - Open Source Software News -

Joomla Views is the leading source of news about Open Source Software Joomla. Joomla Views provides you with news and reviews on Joomla commercial templates and extensions.

Joomlacrib :: Where Joomla Begins ! -

Joomlacrib is the most popular Joomla Community Directory. We have a large resource of free and professional Joomla templates, modules, components, extensions and tutorials.

Linux Compatible Computer Parts -

Open Source and Linux news with compatible computer parts reviews. Articles, news and highlights.

Linux Man Pages -

Linux Man Pages: read manual pages on-line through your favourite browser.

News for Social Networking Sites. -

Social Networking Today was created as a vision of Daniel J Deyette's to give people one single place where you could easily get the latest news on every social networking site and keep abreast of the current information about them.

Open Source Web Design Development -

Offshore Open source development India offers open source web design development, open source content management services, open source solutions.

Overview of BSD systems -

The site covers author’s hobbies: operating systems such as FreeBSD and OpenBSD are covered with author's software: One Floppy CD Audio and MP3 Player and one floppy OpenBSD router, but also info on Hindu Gods and esotericism is included

Ubuntu Linux Tutorials,Howtos,Tips and tricks -

This website is very useful resource for ubuntu linux tutorials,howtos,tips and tricks for free