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Cat Lovers Gifts Guide

Find here cat-themed gift ideas for both cat lovers and their cats. Gift ideas include cat furniture, cat jewelry, and cat art. Also includes cat-related articles.

Exotic Cat Breeders at CatChannel

A comprehensive animal resource center all about kittens and cats, including sections devoted to cat care, kitten adoption, cat rescue, cat breed information, cat books, cat magazines, and show cats.

3 Dogs & 2 Cats -

A pet blog about living with an daschund puppy, italian mastiff, rottweiler and 2 cats.

Animales -

Portal con los mejores videos de animales, fotos de animales, veterinarias, animales en accion, peces, mascotas, animales salvajes y mucho más.

Cat and Kitten Training -

Cat training made simple. Learn the way to train your cat and make it respond the way you want to your "command".

Cat Behavior and Training -

Cat behavior and psychology explained. Cat and kitten training and behavior made gentle, fun, easy and effective.

Cat Care and Training -

Resources for cat owners who want to know more about how to take care of their cat. Ideal for people who would like to buy a cat and need to get started.

Cat Directory, Cat Care, Choosing a cat, Cat Clubs. - offers links to browse for cat sites, cat care, cat clip art, choosing a cat, cat breeds, cat clubs, cat supplies, cat products and services, cat furniture and beds, cat photographs, chats and forums, feline web graphics, feline health, cat names, cat shelters and more.

Cat Flap -

Features cat flap description, its purpose and the reason why it is important to your pet. Also find out how helpful it is to you and to your pets at home.

Cat health care and training -

A website devoted to cat care and training. Throughout history the cat has been a part of our world. Whether it has been worshipped and vilified, the cat has been perceived as a creature of mystery. There are a number of myths, misunderstandings, and mys

Cat Lovers -

All about cat you can find in this site,Cat pee,Cat food,Cat health,Cat Urine,Cat behavior,Cat home,Cat sitter,Cat accessory...

Cat Scratch Fever -

Cat Scratch Fever also known as Cat Scratch Disease (CSD) is an infectious illness associated with cat scratches, bites or exposure to cat saliva, causing chronic swelling of the lymph-nodes.

Cats -

A collection of the funniest cat videos from the web updated on a regular basis. Browse around for a bit and you will surely have a good laugh. | Cats, Pictures of Cats, Pet Supplies, Cat -

The cats-tell site is all about cats! Pictures of cats, cat personalities, cat horoscopes, cat pet names, funny cats, cat products and more.

Cats. Cat Health and Behavior Expert Guide -

Expert resources on cats and kittens: cat health care information, cat behavior, cat care and more.

Cheap Cat Supplies -

Comparison shop for the best cat supplies houses, products, collars, furniture and scratching posts, at discount prices at the Internet’s number one comparison website for pets. Visit us today!

Common Cat Behavior -

Common cat behavior, food information, toys and accessories

Dog Breeders' Directory -

Looking for a Dog? You found the place to get the answers to your Dog Breed questions.

Dog Training Books -

Get access to the secrets of training your dog with perfection and keeping him healthy and happy with exclusive information, articles and expert advice on dog health, dog care, and dog food.

Favourite Pets -

Everyone love their pets, don't they? If you own a pet and really love it, no matter what it is, a dog, a cat, a rat, a tortoise or even an ostrich, it needs care and love and affection and quality time and all sorts of things apart from just the regular water and food.

fine furniture -

A place where all things cat are sold. From Fine furniture, unique cat collars and luxury cat beds you can find it here at kittiescity.

Maine Coon Cats By Timberkatz -

Timberkatz is small Maine Coon cattery located in Attleboro, Massachusetts. We are registered with ACFA, CFA, CFF & TICA. Our kittens are raised underfoot and are available throughout the year and most colors are available. Our cat/kittens are sold with a written sales contract, altering agreement and veterinary health certificate provided at time of sale. Cats/kittens are FeLV negative, FIV negative and ringworm free. Our website features all our Maine Coon cat/kitten pictures in our

Megacolon Cat -

What is megacolon in cats, and treatment. We have information on the symptoms and treatment for cats who have problems with constipation.

My Online Cat Store -

We offer a complete line of cat care products and cat accessories, as well as cat care tips and first aid information.

Of Cats -

A blog about cats that discusses domestic and wild felines, their care and conservation.

Persian Cat's Lover -

A Complete Persian Cat Lover's Manual. Educational and Informative to help you take care you Persian Cat which is one of the most beautiful cats.

pet allergy treatment -

Bmslab is a veterinary reference laboratory specializing in allergy testing and allergy treatment for dogs, cats and horses. We offer comprehensive program for testing and treatment of allergies, canine, feline and equine.

Pet Steps by Help Your Pets -

Specializing in indoor steps for injured, elderly, and post-surgical dogs and cats. Steps are crafted from wood and come covered in your choice of one of eight carpet colors. They hold up to 250lbs and are offered in multiple sizes to suit most sofa and bed heights.

Pic Cat - Pictures of cats -

Community of cat owners and lovers. Share, vote and comment cat pictures.

pictures of cats -

The best pictures of cats,pictures of cute cats,funny pictures of cats,funny cats videos,in the

Unique Cat Names -

Web site about male and female cat names, names for kittens. Also you can find information about popular cat names anatomy of the cat, choosing and caring for a cat and other.

What cat lovers need to know -

Welcome to the world of cat lovers. We provide you with the beneficial information of cat breeding. Enjoy reading our practical articles and apply them now.