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A Mars Odyssey -

A Mars Odyssey is a daily blog offering news and commentary regarding NASA’s Constellation Program and the wider Vision for Space Exploration.

Animal Farm Study Guide -

Online link to the agriculture news, animal research, livestock article, forum community, website directory; provided to livestock producers, businesses and breeders at Livestock Farm Web Magazine.

Celestron Telescope Reviews -

Read reviews of Meade, Celestron and Orion articles at the Telescope Review site. We also have articles to help you decide what kind of telescope is best for you.

Conversion of measures of lenght, weight, temperature and other kind of measurements. -

Convert different unit of measure with a single click!

Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms - is the most comprehensive source of flight terms and imagery on the web. Based on the Dictionary of Aeronotical Terms, compiled and edited by Dale Crane, DATWiki provides access to over 10,000 terms and 500 images. These terms have been assembled from the Pilot/Controller Glossary, from AIM, and glossaries from government handbooks and manuals. DATWiki also provides definitions not found in government publications.

Emergency resources for survival preparedness and natural disasters. - provides emergency resources for survival preparedness and natural disasters.

Growth Factor Receptor - is a central resource for medical professionals, students, and basic and translational researchers with an interest in learning more about HER pathways and its relationship to cancer.

How would you feel yourself in space travel as space tourist? -

I would like to publish here interesting and someway useful information concerning relations of man and space. I will share with you articels and statements of prominent scientists, interviews with astronauts and cosmonauts, impressions of first space tourists and much more!

inspirational quotes -

Benefit from the wisdom of those who have gone before us. Quotes about character, transcendent values, perseverance and more.

Liquid Volume Conversion Charts -

When calculating a metric to imperial conversion, volume measurement accuracy can be improved significantly with the use of a volume conversion chart. A standardized chart removes the risk of miscalculation and yields more accurate measurements.

Modern Geoglyphs: Hillside Letters -

A reference site that presents photos, maps, and Google Earth kml files for letters on hillsides called modern geoglyphs. Listings for several states are included.

Plant Biotechnology -

Biotechnology is extremely controversial. The hope, the hype and the vehement opposition modern biotechnology has generated is immense. The diverse and often conflicting views that appear in the media leave the general public in a state of confusion. The Plant Biotech Blog disseminates factual science based information that facilitates informed decisions on the acceptance or rejection of the products and services biotechnology offers.

The Astronomy Ranch -

Astronomy information and links for everyone. Learn more about the universe including planets, galaxies, stars, comets, the moon and solar system.

The Munsell Color System Explained -

Read the original book about the Albert Munsell Color Wheel. Munsell was the first person to scientifically categorize colors and their relationships to each other. The book discusses Color Hue, Color Value and Color Chroma.