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Bauu Institute and Press -

The Bauu Institute is a science and applied research institute. Since 1998 we have conducted a wide range of environmental, psychological, and social science projects. We have experience in a wide range of local, state, federal, and tribal based studies, and are especially adept at working with American Indians, Alaskan and Hawaiian Natives, and First Nation peoples. We also publish various forms of books, manuscripts, and technical documents to help disseminate current ideas, findings, and t

black hair salons -

Black hair salon for coast to coast and ocean to ocean. We have a large directory for ethinic hair salons for braids, lace front wigs, and traditional hair styles.

Dr Roodt PRAAG -

Support group of Afrikaners under the leadership of Dr. Dan Roodt.

iBlackSolutions -

iBlackSolutions provides people of color with a vast collection of information. Information that assists with obtaining and maintaining a beautiful and healthy existence. iBlack Solutions addresses everything from skin care to hair and nails and other basic health issues.

Moscow City Site -

The Moscow City Site. There is your guide of Russian Capital! Thousand answers to the questions: where to have a rest? Where is tasty to have dinner? To whom to communicate? How to find the love? And also Blogs, Forums and c for boundless self-expression!

Native American Tube -

We show you video's dealing with the Native American and First Nation people. All types of video's from powwows to user created.

Source 2 Resource Fair Trade Coffee -

Source 2 Resource offers quality fair trade coffee and tea from the grower and delivers to the marketplace in a manner which allows us to contribute much needed resources to developing communities

Swedish-Georgian Society -

A friendship organization between the Kingdom of Sweden and the Caucasian Republic of Georgia