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A World of Dragon Art -

All about dragon art including of information about various dragons and dragon posters.

Chasing Midnight: Haunted Houses -

Contains exclusive articles, videos and over 2000 photographs on the paranormal, from ghosts and ufos to the Loch Ness Monster. Join the paranormal friendfinder to meet other people with the same interests from around the world.

Chinese Zodiac Animals -

This website provides information relating to the 12 chinese zodiac animal signs. It also describes each animal traits and characteristics, as well as providing links to various related products.

English sayings -

English sayings and proverbs in one of the largest collections online. Proverbs with meanings, sympathy sayings, new baby sayings.

Fairy Stories and Information -

A website dedicated to information about fairies. There are stories and descriptions about fairies. Everything you ever wanted to know about fairies.

Gipsy music and radio -

Violist Primas Roma Mirando! Depure Zigeunermuziek. Gipsy Hotel Uk radio toolbar, radio antenna emergency communication

Greek Mythology -

A wealth of information about Greek Mythology. Intended for teachers and students of all ages, as well as anyone interested in learning about the mythical world of the ancient Greek.

Information on All Types of Ancient Magic -

Information on all types of ancient magic rituals, spells, charms, potions and more. History of ancient Irish magic, lucky charms and spells available to buy soon.

La Curuxa - Asturian Products -

Traditional Asturian stuff, articles about its mitology and legends, recipes, asturian products, and places and people of this celtic region on the North of Spain.

Medusa Mythology -

Tall tales and true facts from our legendary past. Myths and legends from ancient times, retold by the Gorgon from a monster's point of view. Celtic, Greek, Roman, Germanic and Scandinavian mythology revealed by Medusa who saw it all.

The Best Magic Site -

The Best Magic Site is aimed at magicians and all those who aspire to become magicians. As well as explaining tricks and illusions, the site intends to cover the whole fabric of the magicians' world: past, present and future.

The Witch Trail -

What is witchcraft? Is it a religion? a way of life? Is witchcraft evil? What are the rituals and practices of witches? Can you be a witch? How far will you go to become one? If you are interested in witchcraft and at the same time repelled by it, this site is for you.

Vampires -

An online community for vampires and those interested in vampirism and associated topics. We are a friendly community offering interesting and open discussion about about all aspects of vampires, mythology and folklore, lifestyles, vampire films and books, ghosts, the paranormal and more. We welcome your participation.