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A history of finance -

Information on the history of everything financial. Making money, saving money and gambling your money.

America's Historic Currency Exhibit and DVD -

America's historic currency traveling exhibit is ranked #1 in the world by both Yahoo and Google for the currency exhibit DVD. This world-class attraction is available for meetings, conferences, socials, reunions, tour groups and private clubs.

Ancestry -

Ancestry is the largest family history site online with names in worldwide historical records, family tree services and genealogy learning materials.

Ancestry.. -

Ancestry is the largest family history site online with names in worldwide historical records, family tree services and genealogy learning materials.

Ancestry..... -

Ancestry is the largest family history site online with names in worldwide historical records, family tree services and genealogy learning materials.

Articles From The Smithsonian -

Articles from the Smithsonian Institution's award-winning, monthly general interest magazine, plus exclusive web articles, videos, blogs, photographs and more.

Bermuda Triangle -

Pilots give evidence about this mysterious area known as the Bermuda Triangle.

Biblical Archeology -

Bible archeology researched site with biblical archaeology, bible customs manners and history. Free courses on archeology. Large number of public domain and free archeology photographs. Exhaustive information, many can be reproduced

Famous Battles -

Famous battles through history usually involving the English winning and the French losing.

Franklin Roosevelt Biography -

Know about the life, works achievement of Franklin Roosevelt. Also get collection of Franklin Roosevelt’s quotes and speeches.

Harold Hill: A People's History -

Local history with a spark in Romford, Essex (UK). Features interviews, photos and articles. Also in a PDF version.

History Chiropractic Philosophy Chiropractic Books -

History of chiropractic and philosophy of chiropractic detailed through chiropractic books. Chiropractic history and chiropractic philosophy in these chiropractic philosophy books.

History Nexus -

A website that aims to be a central portal for the subject of history on the net. Subjects so far are biographies, genealogy, publications, courses and organisations. Users can freely join, add content and contribute.

Interesting History -

History facts, myths, and more. Did you know that some items we take for granted such as microwave ovens may not be around today if not for a lucky break? Check out this web site for these and other interesting history stories.

Joan of Arc - Maid of Heaven -

Comprehensive website containing the biography of Saint Joan of Arc with her complete history, timeline, quick facts, pictures, videos and over several hundred pages of historical data about her incredible life.

Medieval File -

All things medieval are profiled at this web site and featured is a collection of cartoons about the renaissance period and dark ages. The cartoon humor is ideal for use in any professional project or endeavors and touches upon a dark period in history. All cartoons are created by Dan Rosandich. The site also gives background on many aspects of the dark ages including religion, how people lived etc. Also mentioned are links to other medieval oriented web sites to give visitors a bigger pictur

Milipedia – Military Resource Wiki -

The Milipedia is the Military reference to unlimited information shared by the Armed Forces, veterans, military collectors, or just anyone. Military Challenge Coin presents the Milipedia as an online Military pedia for all to use freely for great military information

Military Order of the Collar -

The web site of the Order of the Collar of St Agatha includes a summary of news and documents on the history of the Royal House of Aragon, Majorca and Sicily.

MOC - Order of the Collar -

The website of the Grand Priory of Terra Nordica of the Militare Ordine del Collare serves to make known the August Dynasty that formerly reigned over the Lands of the Crown of Aragon.

Republic of India -

A great guide to learn about the great country India, Indian culture , Indian Tradition and all other stuff about India.

Russian Nested Dolls or Matryoshka Dolls -

Russian nested dolls or Matyroshka dolls (also called babushka or babooshka dolls)are the most popular and enduring Russian folk souvenirs. This site explains what they are, how they came into being, their history and how to make them.

Scotland of Old -

Historical books on Scotland, written with passion by Scotsmen intimately connected to their heritage and past. The way of life, the wars, the love and romance, clans and their castles. The evangelist, Duncan Matheson in spotlight and much, much more.

Sidney Ohio -

Visit the treasures of All- American City, Sidney Ohio from the historic downtown courtsquare, the Monumental Building, and Louis Sullivan’s ‘jewel bank,’ Peoples Federal Savings and Loan, to the covered bridge and Big Rock in Tawawa Park.

Social Studies Lesson Plans US History Cold War -

Social studies lesson plans include world history lesson plans, us history lesson plans, social studies games, civil war lesson plans, american revolutionary war, world war ii lesson plans, cold war.

The Castle as Luxury and Necessity -

The definition of the word castle includes many elements. In these times we tend to romanticize the old stone structures by envisioning kings and queens sitting on great thrones with a court jester amusing them and making them laugh.

Unusual and true scary stories -

You will find on this site various texts on subjects which I found personally interesting. If you like the strange one, supernatural stories, mysteries, myths and legends, I`m hoping that you will find a subject that peaks your interests.

Wig-Wags -

Wig-Wags is the blog of Rene Tyree, graduate student in Military History with a focus on the Civil War.