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A Network of Italians Worldwide -

Is a place for Italians all over the world to connect, share their experiences, and meet new people on site, designed just for you.

Anti-Discrimination in Europe -

The Mosaic – One in Diversity Project is part of the European Year of Equal Opportunities for all 2007, led by the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality, comprising nine civil society partners to highlight the six grounds of discrimination as recognised by the European Union.

Astragalus -

MC-S is designed to strengthen and support the immune system. Internationally published scientific and clinical research has clearly demonstrated that MC-S can measurably help increase the bodys ability to defend itself

Binge Drinking -

Blog about the dangers of the social phenomenon of binge drinking.

Concealed Carry Tips Information -

One of the best concealed carry tips that you should use involves whether or not you can actually handle a concealed weapon in your state. There are only two states that have full concealed carry legality, but a majority of states will allow for you to conceal weapons.

END ANIMAL TERROR!! -<l=1218376675

Care2's The Petition Site allows users to easily create, promote and sign free online petitions. It's easy to find petitions on issues that are important to you. Make a difference at Care2's The Petition Site.

Federal Prison- A Comprehensive Survival Guide -

If you've been sentenced to federal prison, this guide will show you how to prepare and survive as a federal prison inmate.

Fostering -

Fostering, Foster Care Agency, Foster Care, Foster Care Adoption.

How your family can benefit during your disability, or after your death, from creating & funding of -

To put your family first in receiving your assets at your death, use a revocable living trust, inter vivos trust, or grantor trust that is managed by you as the trustee during your life, but which becomes irrevocable at your death, and which is managed after your death by your trust agreement-designated successor trustee or successor co-trustees.

Identity Theft Prevention Information -

Learn how to avoid and combat identity theft so that you are not a victim.Identity theft, identity theft prevention, combat identity theft.

It Ain't Rocket Science -

What's wrong with public education? This blog is an opportunity to share your comments, suggestions, and opinions on the issues facing our kids, teachers and schools.

Jim DeSantis - On line Tribune -

News & Commentary, Guest Editorials,Opinions about Current & World Events, Government, War, Terrorism. Any topic is fair game on our blog.

Kinver Info -

Community portal for Kinver. Local news, clubs and societies, charities, businesses, pubs, restaurants, accommodation, entertainment, events and forum plus personal spaces for Kinver residents

Lose Your Fat -

Calorie shifting is very fast and effective way to lose fat. Our site is all about this amazing fat loss method.

Love Handle Exercises -

Belly fat and blubber can often look bad, but in most cases can be removed through proper exercise. You'll discover the real exercises to get rid of love handles and belly fat - fast. You'll even learn how to burn calories while doing nothing!

Mygreenbeginning -

Eco friendly living is your goal so you can protect your home, family and the green environment. You just don't know where to start to become eco friendly? You came to the right place here at MyGreenBeginning. You can start small, beginning with your greatest interests and concerns and you can become eco friendly.

North Carolina Alliance for Healthy Communities -

Our focus this year was Promoting Excellence in Healthcare and the conference hi-lighted best practices.

Now You Can Stop Your Break Up, Divorce or Lovers Rejection... -

Even If Your Situation Seems Hopeless! I'll take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your ex lover back in your arms- Especially if you are the only one trying...

Personal Help Products For Difficult Times -

A site dedicated to finding the best of the self help products available online.

Police Aviation Journal -

How to become a police helicopter pilot has been a bit of an industry secret until now. Police Helicopter has rapidly become the internets leading authority on the path to a police helicopter pilot job. It will also be very interesting and informative for anyone with even a general interest in police or law enforcment aviation.

Property Issues -

Society’s major property concern is that as this population goes on rising, space goes on decreasing and property rates go on climbing, know more issues of society through this blog.

Protech Immigration Consultancy Services -

Protech Immigration Consultancy Services Ltd. (PROTECH) is a professional Canadian immigration-consulting firm with expertise in assisting professionals to successfully settle in Canada

Recherche -

De drie divisies van recherchebureau QUSO BV zijn Bedrijfsrecherche, Prive detective en Bewakingsdiensten. Al vele jaren zijn wij internationaal actief als recherchebureau en beveiligingsbedrijf met goedkeuring van het Ministerie van Justitie.

Size Zero -

Blog about the dangers of size zero and the dangers of being fat.

Speech Topics For People -

Here the site provides various speech topics for people who are searching for good searching topics to speak on.

Survival Forums -

Untolerable is a Discussion Board on Topics include disaster planning, survival, homesteading, self sufficiency, TEOTWAWKI, food storage, natural medicines, wilderness survival, home defense, survival kits and survival communications among others.

Sustainable and Emergency Communities -

We are interested in making a network for people interested in developing sustainable and emergency communities. In addition, we would like to share information on a wide range of topics dealing with sustainable development, survival, and renewable energy.

Up6 Top Bidders List -

Up6 is a dynamic, quality bidding web directory where links are according to categories and alphabetical order. Bid for a position at the directory and be among the top six bidders list on the main page.