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Abbreviations -

The purpose of is to provide you with the meaning of an acronym/abbreviation and then link you to an authorative website.

American Sign Language -

Learn how to start studying American Sign Language, where to get classes, what to learn first and how to get the most out of your study.

ASL Finger Spelling -

A site dedicated to Finger spelling, the art of spelling using one sign per letter. This is used when a word does not have an official sign in sign language.

Baby Sign Language -

Babies can communicate with you after just 6 months, yet they don't develop speech until after 1 year. Tap into baby sign language to stop wondering why your baby is crying and increase the bond between baby and parent.

Barzellette -

Risatissima: Barzellette, Video Divertenti, Foto Pazze! Contenente migliaia di barzellette, Video Divertenti, giochi gratis online, foto pazze, sms umoristici, aforismi.

Big Red Garage -

Discounted Pimsleur language courses and other top rated courses to help you learn a new language fast.

Caroline Translation – Translation Services. -

A reliable, efficient service offering a Freelance translator, proof-reader and interpreter. We deliver honest, quality work at affordable rates. On time, every time.

Certified Russian Translator -

Only US government certified Russian translators will work on your documents that need to be translated. We work with Russian and English languages.

conversational Spansh and other languages -

Learn & Practice English, French, Spanish and More with Partners Around the World

Corso Inglese - Learn English online -

English for Italy Ltd. e’ una scuola d’inglese on-line per Italiani. Il sito offre tutti i livelli e include le lezioni di conversazione.

Direct French - Learn to speak French reviews -

Learn French with Rocket French. If you want to learn to speak French confidently and fluently in the shortest possible time and take away all the frustration, difficulty and headache out of your practice time then Rocket French is for you.

Easy To Speak English -

It's time to learn English the easy way.

English Dictionary Search For Terms & Meaning -

Online English dictionary database look up the meaning of words, terms with advanced technology. It reloads the results as you type in the words.

English Russian Phone Translation -

We set up 3 way telephone conferences as well as provide Russian to English and vice versa translations.

English Russian Translation Services -

Russian Translation Pros offers all kinds of English Russian Translation and Russian English Translation services. Russian translators translate medical, biblical/ church, legal, private correspondence translation documents. Russian interpreters offer 3 way phone interpretation as well. Russian translation professionals guarantee you fast turnaround time and affordable prices for our Russian translation job.

English To Russian Translations and Russian To English Translations -

English To Russian Translations and Russian To English Translations Interpreters in Kiev and Lugansk Ukraine

Eriksen Translations -

A professional translation company offering customized language translations, website localization, and cultural consulting.

ESL Made Easy -

English Language - ESL English Second Language DDCode smashes the barriers on English Language training and tuition.

Essays -

Essay writing assistance including in depth editing and proofreading are both available from the editors of this website. They work on a variety of writing projects to make their customers' work as powerful as possible.

Foreign Language Now -

Are you going on a trip and need to learn a language fast? Well the best way to learn fast is right here in front of you. Here at we have most languages you would ever want to learn or need to learn. We offer software such as the popular Rosetta Stone and many others. It is not like the old days of trying to learn a language from a book, now you can buy the software that has sound with it so you will actually know what the word should sound like. So no matter if you want t

French for children -

innovative teaching resources for introducing french to young children

French-English web dictionary, text translation -

Large number of various references, dictionaries and the online text translator is at your service on the web site.

how to learn spanish -

How to learn Spanish, Beginners guide to Learning to speak Spanish, includes a free Spanish course

International Travel & Business Re-Assurance -

911Translate is an International Travel and Business Translation Service Provider. Providing Assurance that wherever you Travel, you have a friend you can rely on. Assurance that where ever you might want to do business, that friend will be there for you.

Interpreter -

Word Perfect Translations is a wholly Irish owned company specializing in interpretation and translation services, providing linguistic assistance to a large client base, both in the public and private sectors. Word Perfect Translations has positioned itself as a leading service provider to legal institutions and law-enforcement agencies as well as medical institutions and commercial entities.

Italian language course - Scuola Italia -

Scuola Italia is a company that organizes Italian courses about the language and culture of Italian people. Courses include also activities like cookery and art, giving you the opportunity to know the local people in a quiet surrounded by hills and mountains. Japanese Free - has 4 different kanji a day, an English to Japanese Dictionary, Japanese to English Dictionary, kanji dictionary,daily kanji email and is adding more features all the time. -

Babies and young children can both benefit from learning some basic sign language. It helps to create a bond between parent and child and can help increase reading ability.

Language Library -

Learn a new language online with this comprehensive website. With complete courses for six popular languages including Spanish and Japanese you can be ready for travel, international business and more.

Learn English -

Learn English guide, all about how to learn english and how to speak english.

Learn English In Malta -

General English courses as well as business English and medical English on the island of Malta. With over 17 years experience, Elanguest has scored some of the world's highest Cambridge first certificate marks.

Learn French -

Loquella is free online language course used by Foreign Institutes to teach different languages over 30 years. It is well improved than Foreign Services by implementing various language tools. It offers french lessons to download in mp3 format as one can learn from their own place.

Learn French Online -

If you want to learn to speak French confidently and fluently in the shortest possible time and take away all the frustration, difficulty and headache out of your practice time, then is for you.

Learn How to Speak French -

Learn conversational french on your own terms and in your own time. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Learn Mandarin Chinese Online -

Learn how to Say It In Chinese by mastering the most common Chinese words and expressions online with our comprehensive database for beginning learners.

Learn Sign Language -

Sign Language is a rich, rewarding language for those that choose to learn it. Learn here about the basics of sign language, the history, how to create numbers and more.

Learn Spanish Book -

Learn Spanish book - see how to learn Spanish with this learn Spanish book information. Get the most out of Learn Spanish books which will teach you what you need to know about Spanish.

Learn Spanish Fast -

Language Lessons 101 is a Spanish language learning resource. Tips, tricks, and tools to help you learn Spanish quickly. Stop waiting to learn the Spanish language and get started today.

Learn Spanish Now -

Offers an online Spanish tutorial featuring interactive lessons for beginning students.Provides links with tutorials to learn expressions, adjectives, verb conjugation, and useful words of the Spanish language.

Learn Spanish Software - Learn Spanish Review -

Show Me Spanish is a Learn Spanish Software Review Site. We have reviewed dozens of the best packages on the internet and have chosen the top two for your approval.

Learn Spanish Software Reviews -

If you want to learn Spanish we have reviews of the top learn Spanish programs available. Truthful and honest consumer opinions on programs help you make your buying decision.

Learn Spanish Words -

Learn Spanish in just 20 minutes each day. Memory improvement books and memory game software for better Spanish language memorization.

Learn to speak cool German -

Our weekly podcast teaches common German colloquialisms, idioms and slang. We've also got loads of fun quizzes to get increase your German vocab.

Learn To Speak French -

Offers French language lessons using audio files for kids, students, and adults.You can learn French. Choose from a huge selection of great courses.A site devoted to promoting the culture and language of France and the Francophone world.

Learn to Speak Italian -

Learn how to speak italian confidently and naturally in just 8 weeks using rocket italian.

Learn to Speak Spanish -

Everything you need to learn to speak Spanish online, including learn Spanish software reviews and 10 free secrets to learning Spanish.

Learn to speak thai language in easy way -

Provide a lot of Thai word, phrases, sentences in correct pronounciation and grammar. For the foreigner and tourist who want to speak Thai language correctly.

Learning Spanish is easy. -

Learning Spanish is useful, practical, and fun. It is the smartest decision you can make when it comes to choosing a second language---hands down.

Online Translation services -

Translation agency providing online language translator service in all international languages

Pimsleur Method -

Hear it, Learn it, Speak it. That's the Pimsleur difference.

Polish Translation -

MAart has been a leading translation agency since 1991, specializing in the fields of technical, legal, medical, financial and EU translation, serving a broad range of industries institutional bodies.

Politica Notizie -

Partiti, Politica, Politici: le notizie dai feeds italiani - News ed informazioni di politica.

Rocket Spanish -

Learn how to speak spanish fluently in just 8 weeks.

Rocket Spanish Review -

Learning spanish has now become easier than it ever was before thanks to the rocket spanish online learning program.

Russian Translation Service -

BRIC Translations, Inc. – Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Hindi Translation: Quality Spanish translations at the best prices by expert translator teams. Don’t let things get lost in translation! - Learn French Review Site -

Unbiased reviews of the latest French lesson websites. Reviews of the best and most comprehensive French language courses. With multiple approaches including hours of written lessons, audio files, exercises and much more.

Spanish Institute - Classes in Edina, MN -

The Spanish Institute offers regularly scheduled Spanish classes in Minneapolis. Learn Spanish in small classes, with experienced instructors and special lessons at all levels for adults and business.

Spanish Language Course of Video Lessons -

Spanish language course consisting of online video lessons by qualified experienced Spanish language teacher. Free podcasts, exercises and trial lessons. Learn Spanish fast and effectively and quickly learn how to speak the Spanish language.

Spanish Language School Peru. spanish courses and study abroad program in cusco -

Learn spanish with Peru Language Center, Our spanish language school offers courses like spanish inmersion, intensive spanish, business program, medical internship.

Spanish Language Software Reviews -

Find reviews on Spanish language software. You've come to the right place. Browse our site and find the best Spanish software for your needs.

Spanish School: Learn Spanish in Ecuador -

Learn Spanish in Quito-Ecuador. The Spanish School offers several programs such as volunteer opportunities, flying teaching program, Spanish classes in Banos, Tena, Mindo and other places in Ecuador.

Speak A Language -

Speak A Language has top rated language courses for all major languages.

Study spanish buenos aires -

Spanish, internship and volunteer programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Talenpracticum Amsterdam -

Al meer dan 50 jaar verzorgen wij taaltrainingen in 15 vreemde talen en Nederlands. Ons instituut staat in het centrum van Amsterdam.

Traduceri germana -

Syntax Trad provides translation services in Bucharest: technical translation, legal translations, authorized translations, Italian, English, Spanish, German and French translation, interpreting medical and commercial translation.

Transglobal Chinese Translations Limited -

If your work involves regular contacts with Chinese speakers, then you would certainly benefit from a Chinese language course.Many years experience of has enabled Transglobal Languages to become specialist translators of French, German, Italian, Spanish

Translating English into Spanish -

Providing English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation services since 2004. Website features information on translation costs, frequently asked questions, quotations, and more. Also featuring informative articles, a industry terms glossary, and a translation and localization directory.

Translation and Subject Dictionaries Online -

Language translation and translation websites - Websters dictionary 1913 and Rosetta edition online. Dictionary websites online including translation, languages, medical, scientific, rhyming, scrabble, political and religious dictionaries.

Vip Languages Learn Spanish Review Site -

We've created this site specifically for the purpose of reviewing the top Spanish language products so that you don't have to waste your valuable time & energy by browsing the internet and reviewing each product one by one.

Yao Mandarin School -

Learn Chinese in Toronto easily at Yao Mandarin School. Visit us at for details.