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Abolish the TV Licence -

Campaigns against the television licence, with news, archives, feedback and background information on TV licensing issues.

Acclaimed Author Carl Aabye -

Carl Aabye is an acclaimed author who writes books about current issues like politics, immigration, and terrorism.

Barack Obama -

There is not a liberal America and a conservative America - there is the United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America and latino America and asian America - there's the United States of America." - Barack Obama

Barack Obama President -

Website dedicated to stopping Barack Obama from winning the presidency of the United States.

Barack - Barack Obama Info and News -

Offers extensive information and resources about Barack Obama, including videos, news, articles, a biography, quick facts sheet, speeches, quotations, voting record, book info, family info and much more. Barack is a zero-profit website.

Black Law Enforcement -

Westchester BlackWatch. The news for the black civil service officer upholds the laws in the state that they serve. However, as natural leaders it is our moral, ethical and human duty to reach and teach our families and youth.

Black President of The United States -

Will this be the year the American citizens vote in the first black President of the United States of America? Barack Obama is trying to become the first African-American to do so and he is going to make it a very interesting Presidential race.

Breaking-Views -

A critical look at news, politics, religion and life

British Independence & Democracy Forum -

Fight the police state! British freedom forum, tackling the EU, political correctness, authoritarianism and immigration.

Campaign Websites -

Online Candidate is your solution for political candidate or issue-based campaigns. Give your organization a powerful campaign website at an affordable price!

chiru - – A Complete Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Political Site | 28 years of excellence in Telugu cinema has fetched Chiranjeevi a huge fan following | transformed him into one of the strongest opinion leaders in Andhra Pradesh

Citizens for Georgene Lockwood -

This is the official campaign site for Georgene Lockwood, republican candidate for Yavapai county, Arizona supervisor district one.

Election News - http://www.ThePresidentialCandidates.US

News and editorials on the presidential elections in the United States. Frequently updated with open uncensored commenting.

Elezioni 2008 Italiani all'estero -

A Dallas Elezioni 2008 italiani all'estero a Dallas Vincenzo Arcobelli candidato con il Popolo della Liberta di Alleanza Nazionale. Voto di centro destra degli italiani in America Canali TV in Streaming on line - Tutte le Televisioni Internet online,

Executive Orders for Concentration Camps -

Serious World Politics. This site at present contains material on American relocation internment concentration death camps and other such military, prison and institutional camps for housing American citizens.

Eyes On Barack Obama -

Barack Obama community with member profiles and forums, daily Barack Obama news and videos, and Obama apparel.

Forum for Democracy - Freedoms Forum -

Forum for Democracy is more than just an online forum where you can discuss and debate important issues: Affect Public Policy, Win Prizes, Earn College Credit.

How Liberal is McCain? -

How Liberal Is McCain?. McCain easily loses his temper and is stubborn. These are not good qualities to have in a president.McCain has put forth the — McCain-Feingold (restrictions on political speech), McCain-Kennedy (amnesty for illegal aliens), McCain-Kennedy-Edwards (trial lawyers’ bill of rights), McCain-Lieberman (global warming legislation), Bush tax cuts, etc.

Idaho Republican for Congress -

Idaho state Senator candidate Richard Phenneger, and his senatorial campaign for U.S. Congress. A Republican representing ID in the next Idaho Senate election shares his views on the issues.

Information Politics -

Information Politics provides the headlines that have made the political news around the world and lets you have your say.

Insider Speaks About Martin Case -

Insider discusses Brenda Martin, the jailed Canadian who has been held in a Mexican prison for two years without sentencing.

Iraq war - is a political forum that is unscripted, non-partisan, politically relevant & unfiltered where citizen contributors engage in political issues affecting global warming, the Iraq war, presidential candidates, or discuss state & local issues.

libertarian libertarianism politics liberty freedom -

A libertarian renaissance think-tank providing independent political and cultural commentary and nice resource of politics. Feel the power of freedom, Liberty and libertarianism.

Longin Popescu -

Longin Popescu pentru Parlamentul Romaniei, candidatul pentru Colegiul 2 Timisoara , candidatul pentru camera deputatilor in Parlamentul Romaniei din partea Colegiului 2 Timisoara

Obama for President? Is America ready for Obama to be president? -

Will America elect Obama as the next president? Will Americans support Obama?

Online Political Marketing -

Today's voters increasingly turn to the internet to research the issues and candidates. A candidate's online image may be even more important than your radio, TV or print ads given the trust voters place in Google. Is your message in the top ten results when voters search on your name on Google?

Ontario PC Party Politician Frank Klees -

Frank Klees improving the quality of health care, transportation, education and environment service for the residents of Newmarket, Aurora

Political Humor and Election Tees -

A funny look at politics, fashion and sweet love making. Political humor, fashion tips and how to score. Buy election t-shirts, stickers and merch for 2008 at Sexy Propaganda.

Political lore -

Political News, Insight, and more! Your source for news that matters! Political Blog by Alex Nobles

Political Signs by Capitol Promotions - Winning Political Signs -

Order your political signs, yard signs, campaign signs, and promotional items from Capitol Promotions, the political sign and promotional item specialists. Design your sign.

Political Uproar -

Your source for political news, information and debate. Join our forum to discuss the latest political issues and events.

Political Video Audio Soundbites -

Soundbiters takes a bite out of the political spectrum, presenting the words and images of politicians, commentators, activists and supporters. Find what's happening in a political race, what the news is for a particular cause or what your favorite pundit has been saying.

Political Water Cooler Forums -

Political discussions and commentary by the people and for the people about elections, issues, candidates, and media pundits.

Politics 50 Political Forum -

Politics 50 Political forum is a political discussion forum. Topics include US politics and government, US election debate, domestic policy, foreign affairs, political news, and current events.

Politics Crawler - The Politics Search Engine and Business Directory -

Politics Crawler makes searching the Web easy and delivers relevant results fast! Find exactly what you are looking for with One Click access to relevant videos, images, maps, news and more.

Politics Quotes and Sayings - brings you the best republican and democratic quotes from top pundits, politicians, and talking heads.

Politigg political blogs -

Keep track of all your favourite political blogs in one place, and much more.

Poll Booth -

Opinion polls and social networking tools bringing journalists, politicians and activists together to debate and vote on the issues making the news today. -

Voice your opinion on world, political, and social issues. Includes polls and chat/discussion.

RACC, Republican Assembly Campaign Committee -

RACC is a political committee devoted to increasing the 42-member Republican Conference in the New York State Assembly. RACC supports the election of Republicans to the State Assembly through: direct financial contributions to candidates and to Republican Party organizations; technical and research assistance to Republican candidates and Party organizations; voter registration, education and turnout programs; and other Party-building activities.

Rantings of a Texan Democrat -

The rantings of a texan democrat, where we discuss issues, vote and post about anything that pisses us off in regards to the election

Ron Paul For President 2008 -

Ron Paul for president 2008. Videos, interviews, and news of Ron Paul's campaign trail. Check out our web store to buy Ron Paul Revolution t-shirts, merchandise and much, much more.

Sarah Palin -

Palinology is the study and science of Sarah Palin, the Republican candidate for Vice-President.

Sarah Palin T-Shirt -

Sarah Palin T-Shirt dot com is your proud supplier of Sara Palin For Vice President

Social and political commentary at -

Political commentary on important current issues by Jim Freeman

Support Barack Obama for president -

Your decision in 2008 presidential campaign is important then ever to the United states of America. Support Barack Obama for president in 2008 elections.

The Coffee Coaster -

A 'rational libertarian humanist' Web opinion and review column by Brian Wright, freedom activist and author of New Pilgrim Chronicles. Weekly commentaries and weekly reviews of books and movies that enlighten and entertain the 21st-century world citizen.

The Kneeling American :: A Call For Political Prayer. -

We petition God in prayer to provide us Godly leaders and to protect our nation from those whom would abuse their public trust.

The Talk Show American -

Political conservative news and commentary

Theory of the State -

Site is about what the state is and is not, what it can and cannot do and about real true interests underlying its each and every action as well as about what kind of society the State has for us in any historical retrospective

We Hate Politics, I Hate Politics -

Americans hate politics, I hate politics, we hate politics. Free forum for those who want to gripe about how much they hate politics. We hate politics for the lies. We hate politics for the con games. Say it loud and proud here.

Where is the Outrage -

A Thoughtful and intelligent political discussion from a political activist outraged over the Bush Administration